McDonald’s or IBM

This is my response to Damien Jackson’s article, McDonald’s or IBM

McDonald’s or IBM, an article by Damien Jackson, discusses the changing education policies in the United States. He said that the North Carolina recently implemented a new policy asking eighth graders to choose one of four high school pathway. He also said that in North Carolina, education has led to harsh new policies which have had harmful effects on many students. I agree with his opinion that the new policy will bring harmful effects on many students especially in psychology view and education view.

In the article, Damien Jackson writes his argument that “eighth grader is an awkward and uncertain time of physical and emotional change.” Many of students in this period are not mature enough to choose their pathway what they will become. In this period also, many of them still choose the future job by looking the external good. For example, the boys want to become an astronaut and the girls want to become an actress. The problem is not turned up indeed. But after they join the pathway that they choose when they are still kids, I believe that the problem is appeared one by one. In the future, they cannot turn back. They will have inner problems that could make them frustrating. Because they release that their ways are wrong. We do not want to have frustrating generation. That is why the policies just lead the students to uncertainty and frustrating condition.

The second view is from education side. Damien Jackson said that many students have fewer resources and less qualified teachers. For these students, it must be so hard for them to choose their pathway. I believe some of them are as smart as Bill Gates, but they do not get good facilities to study. We will loss so many students who have good potential. This condition will be like devil circle. The student, who is from poor school, will always be worker. And the student, who is from good school, will always be the manager. Creating good generation is not like turning hand over. In education system, the important thing is not only making students a worker. But the important is how we can make students love what they are working for.

In summary, the new policies just bring many problems for our students. I and Damien Jackson believe that students are not mature enough to choose their pathways. And also, the poor student will always be a worker. We will loss many good potential students. If the policies are still enforced, I believe the problems will be turned up.


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